WebTrader is a cross-browser, cutting-edge trading platform that offers exceptional trading opportunities and advanced technical tools, as well as automated trading systems.

A trustworthy, robust trading platform,
ideally suited for any type of investor

We assist you to maximize your investments, by giving the appropriate tools for each instrument. Our comprehensive platform offers you access to fundamental and complex assets, including stocks, futures, currencies, and digital pairs.

Trading platform and widgets with a comprehensive feature set. Constantly advicing the traders.

A professional, robust trading platform that provides an abundance of features that traders of all types can appreciate.

You’ll be able to use our platform’s core features, as well as a lot of information, to make better informed and confident trades. Make the most of our ever-expanding selection of trading instruments and other services on our platform.

What Makes Our Trading Platform Unique?

Simple Interface

Web trader was created to be as simple to use as possible for novice traders, while still being powerful enough to handle any strategy they choose to implement.


Change the appearance of the interface as desired. Which data you'd like to see displayed in the interface. Decide whether you want news and events to remain on the screen at all times.

Extensive Features Set

Once your account is created, explore the platform. This way, you'll know exactly what to look for. You'll notice that the platform provides all of the tools necessary for success.

Your trading history is important.

With Sonder Group, you may achieve your financial goals.