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Trade A Diverse Range Of Financial Instruments

We provide trading on a diverse selection of financial assets at the lowest possible spreads and charges. Choose from over 200 financial instruments across many asset classes, including Forex, Stocks, Digital Currencies, Indices, Agriculture, Energy, and Precious Metals.



Trade foreign currency pairings such as Majors, Minors, and Exotics with your Sonder Group trading account and take advantage of the region's lowest spreads, which vary according to account type.



With your account, you can trade prominent indices and gain access to the world's largest stock indices, including the NASDAQ, German DAX, and Dow Jones, all with minimum margin requirements and the tightest spreads.



From Apple to Microsoft, Tesla to Facebook, Netflix to Amazon, and thousands of other firms, leveraged products on shares enable anybody to invest in the businesses they care about.

​Digital Currencies​

Digital Currencies

Using our digital currencies, you can trade in the booming digital currency market, which is quoted in both USD and EUR.

Commodities ​


Commodities were one of the first assets to be traded. Trade these classics on our cutting-edge trading platform.

Trading platform and widgets with a comprehensive feature set. Constantly advicing the traders.

A professional, robust trading platform that provides an abundance of features that traders of all types can appreciate.


Choose from a variety of simple funding methods and begin trading right away!


Take advantage of our quick withdrawal processing, which takes place within one working day.


Our professionally qualified customer support team is available five days a week to assist you.


Trade Forex, Precious Metals, Energy, Indices, and Stocks from any location, at any time.

Immediate market access to a diverse array of instruments generates profitable potential.​

We give the appropriate tools for each investment product to help you maximize your returns. Our robust platform provides access to fundamental and sophisticated securities, such as stocks, futures, currencies, and digital pairs.​

Our primary goal is to offer you a comfortable, honest, and trustworthy trading system.

Our priority is ensuring that you are comfortable with your investments and maximizing market potential.
A cutting-edge client portal
Advanced trading platform
Low-cost trading on multiple assets
Leverage as high as 1:500


We will never use personal information, without permission.


Your funds are safeguarded by the industry's most advanced security protocols.

Your trading history is important.

With Sonder Group, you may achieve your financial goals.